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Cosmosapiens - The Galaxis Gal

About the Host

"The Galaxis Gal" has dreams so big only space can hold them. Inara co-hosts Cosmic Waves with Space Case Sarah and Cosmosapiens with Dan Deevy here on iRoc.

She is a passionate spacer, science explainer, and communication booster who builds access for the general public to the real possibilities of our future in space.

She broadcasts the possibilities we can all contribute to in order to bring about the future of Gerard K. O'Neill and Gene Roddenberry.

Profile image of Inara from the CosmoSapiens show on iRoc Space Radio
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Cosmosapiens - Dan Deevy

About the Host

Dan Deevy is a veteran producer, host, entertainment journalist & celebrity interviewer. He is also a proud gay man and a lifelong STAR TREK fan!

Profile image of Dan from the CosmoSapiens show on iRoc Space Radio