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Ashley 1st gives you "A1st Look at Space News" hourly with today's major Intergalactic headlines in under 4 minutes!

iRoc Space Radio News delivers all the major outer space headlines with a subtle double entendre or occasional punchline a la Saturday Night Live’s "Weekend Update." PLUS, Ashley 1ST infuses famous songs to help report the breaking news story (think: Pitbull, Beastie Boys, Queen, Lenny Kravitz).

With a Harvard Degree, and a Sony Gold Record- this California born/ New Yorker has the wit and voice to canter the space news down to the hectoPascal for SpaceX employees listening or explain it to the general audience that just loves space.  Ashley's avarice appetite for space began with a flight on the supersonic jet, The Concorde, at Mach 2 Speed and 11 miles above the earth, where she beheld a sliver of the Overview Effect for the first time.

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Tune In Daily In at: 3am, 7am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, or 9pm PACIFIC DAYLIGHT TIMES

Featuring Original Segments:
- Mars Weather & Traffic
- Space Money Talk
- Rockets Round Up: A round up of rocket launches around the world
- Space Wars: Legal Matters Above the Karman Line
- Icarus Insights: Mankind’s daring quest to push the flight envelope
- Things That Make You Go Hmmmm (UFO reports)
- Stars Beyond Stars: When Hollywood goes intergalactic

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