Top 10 Questions with the Top Guns of Our Space Industry

Tune into this first of its kind docu-series as we interview today's movers and shakers launching us into tomorrow's new horizons!

This bold and fast paced interview thrusts 10 questions at the top Astronauts, NASA Directors, and Space Industry CEOs today in just five minutes or less with hydrazine left to burn! Ashley 1st curates questions unique to each lodestar of a guest that extrapolate business, educational and even personal answers to inform iRoc Space Radio listeners how to follow their dreams and execute them like the bosses interviewed here.

Ashley 1st Gives You A1st Look At the Space Industry's Who's Who:

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With a Harvard Degree, and a Sony Gold Record- this California born/ New Yorker has the wit and voice to cantor the space news down to the hectoPascal for SpaceX employees listening or explain it to the general audience that just loves space.  Ashley's avarice appetite for space began with a flight on the supersonic jet, The Concorde, at Mach 2 Speed and 11 miles above the earth, where she beheld a sliver of the Overview Effect for the first time.

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