"The greatest missiles any nation can launch are the minds of the next generation." - Ashley 1st
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Space Wars

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Tune into a friendly battle and banter over today’s hottest aerospace issues making waves in our galaxy. Ashley 1st gives you A1st Look at what’s rock’nrollin’ our cosmic conversations. Get your debates or light sabers ready. Get your popcorn ready because Space Wars throws arguments faster than an asteroid in this Point vs Counterpoint format. Ashley 1st spars with aerospace colleagues on trending issues like:

Is it ethical to mine the moon for resources as per NASA, Russia, China and India's proposals?

Is the newest Space Force unit within Space Delta 7 targeting space threats good news or redundant?

Every Space Wars episode includes educated, spicy spars and Spacey Pick Ups lines. Tune in to score your cerebral ammo for friendly space debates or ice breakers to talk to that office crush!

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